Time to Celebrate the Season with a Birthstone Gift!

Holidays, Birthdays, and Celebrations...OH, MY!

Do you know this feeling all too well? You know, the one that reminds you that next week is your best friend's birthday...that Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye...that your lovely daughter is getting married in just a few months?

Have you vowed not to be scrolling through Amazon or wandering the mall at the last minute, looking for that perfect, memorable gift...knowing that you will probably have to settle for less than perfect if you do?

I know that feeling all too well myself! It was just such a moment that prompted me to design my first pieces of jewelry six years ago. My annual girlfriend get-away was only two weeks away...and I had nothing unique to share with my two best friends. My origami beaded earrings were a hit and I've been designing ever since! 

No more "OH, MY!" moments for this girl!

Birthstones, Blooms, and Memorable Moments...

Let me help you avoid that last-minute dash through the mall!

A well-chosen piece of jewelry isn't merely embellishment for a woman's wardrobe. A  necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings can evoke  precious memories every time it is worn. Here at Birthstone Blooms, I strive to help my customers capture that one memorable moment into a unique  jewelry gift. 

Perfect for any special occasion...birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, bridal party gifts, or just because...every month of the year can be celebrated with traditional Swarovski crystal birthstones, natural stones from around the world,  and  nature-inspired jewelry from Birthstone Blooms.

Make a pinkie promise to yourself today...no more crazy, last minute dash through the mall...no more 3 AM rush orders on Amazon! Find a memorable gift for any special occasion right here, right now, at Birthstone Blooms! 

Discover a gift of memory in the collections at Birthstone Blooms

art deco calla lily earrings in gift box from Birthstone Blooms

Packaged with Love

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